What if you find signs of alcoholism in your loved ones?

We are all used to thinking that bad stories don’t happen to us or our loved ones. Unfortunately, sometimes the sad outcome concerns us and our families. In such situations, we need to act decisively and immediately.

By medical definition, an alcoholic is a person whose body depends on the constant intake of alcohol. It is a chronic illness in which an addict is unable to control alcohol consumption, even if it begins to cause serious problems in personal relationships, at work and at home.

How does addiction arise?

Regular alcohol consumption disrupts the balance of chemicals in the brain. A complex medical explanation is that the balance of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which controls impulsivity, glutamate that stimulates the nervous system, and the pleasure hormone dopamine, is impaired. This leads to the fact that the human brain needs alcohol to get rid of unpleasant feelings and feel good.

How do you know if you need to start sounding the alarm?

When you begin to suspect your loved one is dependent on you, answer the following three questions:

Has your loved one ever had a problem with the law in a drunken state? Deprivation of your driving license, overnight stays in a drunkard, or administrative or criminal offenses committed under the influence of alcohol?

Have there been any problems at work because of alcohol? Lack of work capacity, scandals with co-workers, truancy due to alcohol or hangovers

Has your loved one ever missed an important meeting, event or management assignment for the sake of alcohol? If drinking starts to dominate all other activities, you can talk about starting alcoholism.
Drinking alcohol causes quarrels, family scandals and aggression against friends and family. The person forgets about a long-term hobby, stops caring for pets, communicating with relatives, refuses to travel and trips. Dependence on alcohol literally destroys the person and her whole life. If you understand that your loved ones need help, ask for help from specialists