Stages of drug addiction in a patient

Addiction is just not a disease. It is a violation of a person’s physical and mental health, defeat of his personality, loss of the best moral qualities and his own self due to drug use.

The problem is that drug addiction develops very quickly, first mentally and then physically. The rate of its formation depends on the type of drug, the way it is administered, the regularity of its use and other factors. For example, when injecting some types of opioids (heroin, intermediate, etc.), dependence develops after 1-4 injections. In other types of drugs, this occurs a little later, after 1-2 weeks.

Stages of drug dependence

Physical dependence is primarily due to mental dependence, which is characterized by an overwhelming and constant desire to take the drug. This is the initial stage of drug addiction, when nothing can distract a new addict from the constant feeling of dissatisfaction other than a new dose.

A few weeks after the onset of mental addiction, there is a physical addiction. When the drug becomes necessary for the normal functioning of the body, there comes the 2nd stage of drug addiction. Stop of the substance use leads to a severe condition called withdrawal syndrome or simply “withdrawal”. Cracking occurs in many ways in various forms of addiction, but in all forms it is a very painful and painful condition that a sick person cannot cope with. Patients also have a painful feeling of hopelessness and are depressed. At this stage of the disease, the highest percentage of suicides occurs. This is the reason why drug treatment should never be delayed. It is necessary to start rehabilitation from the very first stages.

Remember that you are not alone!