Stages of drug addiction development

The drug is a modern problem for society as a whole. Because of people’s lack of information, it grows every day. Many people are convinced that nothing in their lives will change from one drug test to another. It is necessary to use drugs for addiction for a very long time. And also the idea that everyone can recognize the disease and quickly get rid of it on their own.

This is the catch of drug addiction. Addiction occurs after the first use and you do not need to create other beliefs. You always want to make the fun of it a long time. But it doesn’t last forever, it has to be extended. So comes the psychological and physical addiction.

There is no stereotypical scheme of drug addiction. But experts identify three stages of drug addiction.

The first stage of drug addiction

The first stage has common features that are highlighted by specialists with drug addiction.

  • The level of drug tolerance is particularly high. Each time, the dose and desired effect become larger.
  • Perception of the environment and emotional manifestation become completely different. Sleepiness, fear, small joys and little joys do not bring pleasure. There is a desire to be constantly in active movement.
  • Receiving another dose contributes to mental comfort and well-being. If there is no dose, the sensations acquire opposite characteristics.

The second stage: the first stage of drug addiction

This stage is much richer than the previous one and has its own characteristics.

  • The increase in dose is no longer so noticeable. The body is already quite normal to perceive harmful toxins.
  • The buzz has its own specifics. First comes a strong over stimulation, which is replaced by complete peace of mind.
  • The peace of mind is lost. After the end of the drugs, there is a feeling of severe discomfort.

Stage Three: Second stage of drug addiction

Addiction therapists highlight the main signs of this stage.

  • The body is less able to tolerate the drug and convert it into poison. In this case, there is already a complete poisoning of the body.
  • The effect is not the same. The result is only a weak feeling of high.
  • Physical and psychological functions begin to degrade.

The fourth stage: the third stage of drug addiction

This stage is characterized by the following signs.

  • Drugs are instead of sleep instead of food, instead of everything that was previously present in past life.
  • The need to get a dose can lead to ill-considered steps, even criminal ones.
  • Degradation occurs throughout the body.

The sooner a person realizes his or her problem and decides on treatment, the more likely it is to get rid of this addiction. A drug addict should turn to specialists himself and get the necessary help.