Group support for relatives of dependents

A person who is dependent on drugs or alcohol does not usually live in isolation, but is close to his or her spouse, children and parents. And a terrible disease inevitably disrupts normal relationships within the family, leading to dysfunction. It is no coincidence that drug addiction and alcoholism are considered to be family diseases, and the methods of co-dependence treatment occupy a special place in the system of drug treatment.

The chemical dependence of one of the family members is reflected in the behavior and actions of their loved ones, who seek to control him or her, paying special attention to the patient and thus losing control over themselves. Meanwhile, the situation in the family can be corrected if co-dependent people do not wait for the patient to come to the clinic for help, but consciously change their behavior.

Very often it is this approach and the review of their actions by co-dependent persons that leads to changes in the views and behavior of the dependent relative, gives him/her confidence in his/her own abilities and motivates him/her for treatment.

Tips for family and friends

In a difficult life situation, when your loved one suffers from chemical addiction, and you do not want to lose your love and believe in the best – have courage and patience. Keep your hands up, drive away despair and depression, do not let them master your heart and mind! Be wise and calm, for you have hope, hope for the recovery of your loved one. And believe me, modern medicine has enough means to cure those who are ready to accept help.

It is hard to understand, but drug addiction is a disease. And as with any disease, the patient cannot control the course of the disease. And the reason here lies not in the weakness of his character and spirit, not in the promiscuity of the person and his weakness of will, but completely different. This is difficult to accept, but when you realize it, it will be much easier for you to get rid of the completely unnecessary shame here and feel free to ask for help and support. And in healing from chemical addiction the help of your loved ones is so important!