Drug rehabilitation – how long it takes and where better to treat

Why is rehab for drug addicts a lengthy process?

Some people think that it is enough to get rid of physical addiction and they will recover. However, practice shows that it is almost impossible to recover from addiction without rehabilitation.

What is the optimal period of rehabilitation?

The duration of rehabilitation is determined by the doctor and depends on the severity of the addiction, duration of drug use and other factors. Each person is unique, so the duration of treatment should be selected individually. On average, it is recommended to rehabilitate drug addicts for a period of from one month to six months.

What takes so long?

On the one hand, a few months is a lot, but in comparison with the whole life it is a drop in the sea. Therefore, it is worth spending these months to live a long and happy life. In a few days, the addict is simply not able to rehabilitate himself, because he has not acquired addiction at once either. Addiction is a habit and experience. In order to overcome it, you need to get other experience and get other useful habits. And it takes time.

A drug addict simply does not know how to live without a dose. During rehabilitation, specialists will teach him to live without addiction and give him life experience that will help him cope with his craving for drugs. Previously, the addict had one goal – to get a dose, now you need to give him a new goal. The center’s staff can encourage the patient to develop himself or herself, to establish relationships with his or her family and to build a career.

The new living environment helps the patient to escape from the familiar system. A rehabilitation center is a new set of rules, new habits and experiences, without aggression or addiction. During rehabilitation, a person shapes his or her future life goals, which become more important to him or her than drugs and prevent him or her from returning to a past life.

It takes time to form these goals, so rehabilitation of drug addicts is not a matter of days. But it is really effective. Choose a rehabilitation centre that you can trust, where real professionals work and where an atmosphere is created for the patient to recover.

Also, make sure that the rehabilitation center supports its patient in the post-rehabilitation period. It can be difficult for a patient to integrate into society and make new acquaintances. At this point, it is important to support and guide the patient.

Employees of the rehabilitation center provide counseling, diagnostic and therapeutic assistance to their patients not only during treatment, but also in the post-habilitation period.

Do not postpone treatment until tomorrow, contact the rehabilitation center and start building your healthy and happy future today.